About Me

I wrote my first fiction story when I was 14. I submitted it to a magazine in hopes of publication. I didn’t get it published — but I got back a personal note that said it was really good and to polish it. I don’t know if they figured out I was a kid or if they really meant that, but it was the starting point for my authordom.

Here I am, some thirty plus years later, and internet has changed the way the entire world works. Now you can log on to Amazon, buy a digital book, and be reading it on your Kindle in just minutes. Facebook has crushed the divide between author and fan. Traditional publishing is losing ground to self publishing. We have moved into the digital universe, lock stock and barrel.

I hope you enjoy my series, The Graves Grimoires, about a feisty little witch who is thrown more curve balls than in a MLB double-header. In my blog, you’ll find not only posts from me, personally, but you’ll also find posts from (and about) the characters in my books. After all, it isn’t fair to them not to let them tell you their sides of the story.