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Werewolves and vampires and witches, oh my!!

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How do I write thee? Let me count the ways……

It occurred to me yesterday, in a conversation with another writer, that (despite what they told us in english class) we all have different ways to write, to create the story, and to get everything put on paper.  My new friend, a sci-fi writer, was explaining how she carefully worked out her entire story plot, all the characters, all the

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Don’t be hating on self publishing

Do you frown, wrinkle your nose or sneer at the concept of authors who self publish?  Why?  Is it because you think that this is a path for anyone to become an author — not just those of us who have the talent? Traditional publishing takes a long time.  You have to fight and beg for even the opportunity to

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With All The People In My Head, How Do I Know Who My Muse Is?

A friend of mine made a comment the other day about how much she talks to me in her head (and assumably, my head).  I laughed and said something about ‘background chatter’.  Later, she wanted to make sure that she was not the reason for all the ‘boxes piled up in my head.’ And I had to tell her that

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A Perfectly Lovely Afternoon… In A Graveyard

I love cemeteries. They are beautiful, quiet and peaceful, with divine architecture, and an incredible array of “look at” and “read”. When I was a young child (yes, young, like 3rd grade), I used to do gravestone rubbings as a hobby. I was always this odd … it isn’t anything that started recently. Today’s trip to the cemetery, while pleasant,