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From The Diary of Mina Graves

ROM THE DIARY OF MINA GRAVES: I think, that if something is going to happen in your life that will totally flip it and you inside out, you should get a little warning, not be allowed to sail blithely into it. I mean, had I know than by the end of the day my house would be burned to the

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A Perfectly Lovely Afternoon… In A Graveyard

I love cemeteries. They are beautiful, quiet and peaceful, with divine architecture, and an incredible array of “look at” and “read”. When I was a young child (yes, young, like 3rd grade), I used to do gravestone rubbings as a hobby. I was always this odd … it isn’t anything that started recently. Today’s trip to the cemetery, while pleasant,

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The Full Moon Bar

The Full Moon Bar — A Howling Good Time From Sundown to Sunup — is a major landmark in Savannah’s supernatural community, in the werewolf pack, and (before very long) in Mina’s life.  Several pack members work in this establishment, which caters exclusively to the magical or supernatural community of Savannah and the surrounding areas.  It serves as bar, offices,

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The Storyteller’s Tale — My Story

I’m a storyteller.  It shouldn’t be hard for me to tell a story.  Any story.  Well, any story but this one.  Because this story, this story is mine.  And telling your own story is always the hardest one of all. Today, I’m an entrepreneur, an author, a coach, a budding boxer, and in charge of my time, my schedule and

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Author Interview Posted Today!

Morgen Bailey posted her interview with me on her blog today.  It’s great timing with the book nearing completion.  Check out the interview here on Morgen’s blog….. and you can see more of her author interviews (yes, with authors OTHER than me!) on her new blog .. (  Thank you again, Morgen, it was a blast!!!!