The Full Moon Bar — A Howling Good Time From Sundown to Sunup — is a major landmark in Savannah’s supernatural community, in the werewolf pack, and (before very long) in Mina’s life.  Several pack members work in this establishment, which caters exclusively to the magical or supernatural community of Savannah and the surrounding areas.  It serves as bar, offices, meeting hall, hotel and apartment to many.  Toby’s office and apartment (which he shares with multiple other pack members) are both located on the floors above the bar.  Below the bar are meeting rooms, holding cells, a small medical facility, and sleeping rooms for those who can’t seem to get home before daylight.  The Dane family, the pack’s alpha family, own this property and several others in Savannah, Georgia and Knoxville.  Some of them are open to the public, and others just to supes.  Violent… er, Violetta… is a regular bartender at Full Moon.  They’ve discovered it’s safer to keep the bar (and sometimes the entire bar staff) between her and the paying customers, as she’s been a bit more tempermental that usual these days.  Guess having your wolf yanked out of you can make you a little touchy… but she’s a bartender par excellance, and nobody’s willing to give her up as long as they can stay out of arms reach.

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