This books is a rollicking adventure about a young witch whose been dropped (face-first, in her words) into a world she’s only ever dreamed about. You’ll laugh, be scared and have courage every step of the way with her. She’ll remind you that while not every heroine is a legendary fighter, invincible or immortal, it’s the ones who become real to you that you love the best. Join myself, Mina, Toby, Bing and the rest of our cast as we face the Big Bad, and our nightmares.

Thank you for looking at my book. I hope that you enjoy this story, and I am pleased to have you as a reader and a fan. I am looking forward to meeting you, even if it’s only virtually. Thank you for peeking into Mina’s world and mine. Come back and visit often 🙂

The House On Evermore Lane is the first book in the Graves Grimoires Series. Join Mina, Max, Toby and Bing on the adventure of an ever-after. Find out if one little witch can take on the big bad… and win.

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