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The Rumors of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated….

Not only can I say that, but over the holidays, one of my characters found out SHE can say it too! Up until now, everybody (including myself) thought it was over for her. Not so! The House on Evermore Lane is building up to a grand finale and this news really put a kink in things for some of our

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Great Excitement in Who-ville Tonight!

I have had a problem with the storyline I’m currently mangling into a book.  One of my favorite characters, Mina’s aunt Rowan, who is by reputation a strong, spirited, feisty, independent woman… err, witch… dies before we get a chance to meet her.  And even as I have written the story and been amazed and entertained watching the characters of

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Interview With A Werewolf: Toby Talks About Mina

Lola Lyons, ace reporter for the Savannah Supernatural Times here, with Toby McGillis — werewolf, private eye, and general befriender of witches in distress. Lola:  Good evening, Toby.  How’s life been treating you lately? Toby:  It’s been interesting, I gotta say, watching the hole that Rowan’s death left in the supernatural community slowly being filled back in. Lola:  Had some

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Get Your Full Moon Bar T-shirt!

The Full Moon Bar — A Howling Good Time From Sundown to Sunup — is a major landmark in Savannah’s supernatural community, in the werewolf pack, and (before very long) in Mina’s life.  Several pack members work in this establishment, which caters exclusively to the magical or supernatural community of Savannah and the surrounding areas.  It serves as bar, offices,

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From The Diary of Mina Graves

ROM THE DIARY OF MINA GRAVES: I think, that if something is going to happen in your life that will totally flip it and you inside out, you should get a little warning, not be allowed to sail blithely into it. I mean, had I know than by the end of the day my house would be burned to the